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Saran Davies

Saran Davies

I am a first year Biological Sciences student at the University of Bristol. I have a major passion for all things outdoors and cooking. I love sourcing local produce and cooking as many things from scratch as possible. I am currently a regular...


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30 April 2014

The True Cost Of Good Food

And so, tomorrow it begins! Today I went and got all my shopping so I can be fully prepared for tomorrow. After spending the best part of an hour going to the butchers (Ruby and White), The Better Food Company and Wild Oats (All of which on/close to Whiteladies Road), I have come home with tonnes of very tasty looking food to get this challenge going. I really noticed the big price crunch between Sainsbury's and all of these local shops. I must admit, my little student budget got a bit blown out of the water. However, even though this food costs more, it looks better and I hope to tell you soon that it also tastes better. I am still feeling very optimistic about the Good Food Challenge! I look forward to sharing my day to day food blog with everyone.

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23 April 2014

The Local Food Produce Challenge

My goal is to only eat food that is sourced locally and also bought from local independent shops. No supermarkets and no imported food! Going to achieve this by buying meat from the butchers, vegetables from Bristol Veg Boxes and daily essentials like milk and bread from shops like Wild Oats and The Better Food Company.

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