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2 May 2014

Day 2: Going Veggie

Breakfast today was porridge again but with a berry and raisin twist. It was still really tasty and the added texture made it better. I had lunch at home today and had cheese and onion on toast with a small salad side garnish. This was a particularly good meal because the cheese was from Somerset, the butter was from 2 miles away from my childhood home in Pembrokeshire and the bread was baked in the shop Wild Oats! A very good balance. Supper came as a bit of a disaster because I tried to make an eggy vegetarian carbonara with mushrooms and onions instead of bacon and the eggs were overcooked and rubbery which made eating it unpleasant! The flavour was there but the texture was all wrong. Sad times, especially when all of the ingredients came from such a good place! I will try harder next time. Tomorrow I look forward to visiting the Bristol Food Connections Festival and enjoying a carnivorous day eating more lovely meat from the butchers!
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