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3 May 2014

Day Number 3

Today was much better than yesterday both food-wise and time-wise. I visited the Bristol Food Connections Festival and it was brilliant! So to prepare myself for a long day of food hunting in the festival I had the hearty breakfast that is porridge (again!). I have actually started to look forward to my early morning fix of porridge which is great because all the ingredients come from such local places. For lunch today I had a very small top up of food to leave space for all the amazing things in the festival. This was just butter on 3 slices of some lovely organic malt loaf that I bought in the shop Wild Oats. So, with some extra fuel in the tank I set off for the food phenomenon dragging some of my flat mates along in the process. After we had walked around a few tents they all appreciated that I had brought them! I went to watch the recording of BBC 4's Farming Today at Harbourside which was great and I really enjoyed listening to the topics that came. Could say it was food for thought! After a long day of dribbling over so much amazing food it was time to come home and for supper I made the homely Italian favourite: Spaghetti Bolognese. It turned out to be really rich and tasty and the lovely mince that came from the butchers added to the dish. All in all a very successful day and no disasters like yesterday's!

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