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Saran Davies

Saran Davies

I am a first year Biological Sciences student at the University of Bristol. I have a major passion for all things outdoors and cooking. I love sourcing local produce and cooking as many things from scratch as possible. I am currently a regular...


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4 May 2014

May The Fourth Of Food Be With You

Today has been brilliant! Had so much inspiration from the food festival yesterday that I have been thinking about food all day. So for breakfast I had a nice change with a brunch instead of my normal porridge which felt like a nice treat. Lunch time was in the name of leftovers! I had bolognese with salad which was quite refreshing and light. But the real bonus of today was my amazing pork chop with a carrot and swede mash and steamed broccoli with a red cabbage and onion gravy. All of the ingredients came from either the local butchers or from my veg box! Another very successful day in my challenge!

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