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Saran Davies

Saran Davies

I am a first year Biological Sciences student at the University of Bristol. I have a major passion for all things outdoors and cooking. I love sourcing local produce and cooking as many things from scratch as possible. I am currently a regular...


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1 May 2014

Day 1 Of The Challenge!

Day 1 has been great fun and very tasty! For breakfast I had some locally sourced porridge with a cheeky sprinkling of demerara sugar BUT it was organic even though it had Brazilian roots AND it came from a local independent shop (Wild Oats) so I think it's only a slap on the wrist for that one.... I am not eating plain porridge! Lunch was also great and I discovered the amazing place that is St Nick's market. So many delicious looking food stalls! I chose to get a pulled pork roll from the Grillstock stall which turned out to be a major win - not only was it super tasty but the pork came from free range and organic pigs that were on a local farm. And supper wasn't too bad either, I say wasn't too bad, I mean awesome! I had an amazing lamb chop from the butchers Ruby and White and a tasty selection of roasted root vegetables which came from my veg box. All in all very good and this challenge is very fun. Look forward to what tomorrow brings!

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